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Guest Chatbots by ODYNS
Guest Chatbots by ODYNS

Experience Excellence

Everything we do, We belive in experience

We believe in delivering more human and intuitive experiences, at every touchpoint, for every guest. Just as a symphony orchestra needs a quality theater to perform for an audience, an organization today requires the first-rate solution to deliver a winning guest experience.

"ODYNS™ Hotel Chatbot solution served multiple functions within all GreenPark's properties to prevent cost leakage, save on unwanted expenses related to the efforts of the resources, increase team productivity and improve decision making and performance over a period of time."

  • Srinivas - Asst. Vice President, Green Park Hotels & Resorts

State-of-the art Innovation

Smart. Fast. Reliable.

The way we deliver the winning experience is by making our products perfectly designed, simple to use and user-friendly.

"ODYNS™ Hotel Chatbot solution helped us to reduce data exploration time, effort and resources."

  • Rajesh Kumar - IT Manager, Hotel Marigold

What Makes Guest Chatbot The Chatbot ?

Guest Chatbots by ODYNS

In-Bot Booking Engine

Enabling the Guests to check room availabilty, select and book their stay without leaving the bot.

Direct Booking

With hotel chatbot solution, increase your Direct bookings and save ~30% of OTA commission.

Lead caputring

Ability to capture advance lead details.

Reporting & Analytics Dashboard

Tailored reporting, and dashboard to help visualize data, and reporting transparency in real-time.

The Complete Toolkit For Bot Management

Now share your insights with your team or with the world. Visualize Bot data through highly configurable charts and tables.


Ask. Select. Book. More precisely than ever.

Transform guests experience inside and outside. The hotel with guest chatbot.

1. Ask

It’s thoughtfully designed to make every query seamlessly accessible by just asking for it.

2. Select

With the power to answer all the queries. Guests can now explore & select the best stay available within seconds.


3. Book

Now that you've selected the stay. Guests can seamlessly complete the booking with just one click.

4. Incredible Value

ODYNS™ Hotel Chatbot brings more of our most powerful technologies to more guests than ever.

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