The Power of AI-Powered Virtual Assistants


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The Next Addition to Your Marketing Department Should Be a Conversational Chatbot



Increasing Sales Conversion Through Chatbots

Chatbots bring powerful AI capacity capable of boosting sales and reshaping marketing.

At ODYNS we learned that chatbots can help increase sales conversions because they:


Measure Real-Time Engagement

When it comes to sales, there are different types of conversions. For some organizations, this may mean purchases, while for others, it can mean generating a lead. Regardless of the type of conversion, chatbots allow you to measure engagement in real time. You will be able to identify when your audience is most active and push promotions to them based on their usage hours and patterns.


The Right Solution At The Right Time For The Right Audience

We know that nine out of 10 consumers globally want to use messaging to interact with businesses.4 And in customer support, as the telephone loses its primacy as the preferred channel of communication, mobile apps, social media and web chats are taking over. This shift points to an explosion in the global market for chatbots. Already estimated at over US$1 billion, the market is forecast to be worth US$1.86 billion by 2020 and is set to triple in size in a decade


Create Buyer Personas

In order to take advantage of the information you collect, you need to utilize it effectively. You should use these details to create buyer personas, or fictional depictions of your ideal clients. Keep in mind that you have to be as specific as possible, so don’t be afraid to give them a name, job, age, and income approximate. You should then use this fictional depiction to build your marketing campaigns in a way that truly speaks to your potential customers.


Become a Direct Sales Channel

your chatbot can easily become a full-blown sales channel for your company. Thanks to the development of e-commerce applications, you can now integrate payment solutions into your chatbot, allowing them to take orders and make purchases without even having to switch applications.


Provide In-Depth Analytics

Like all digital marketing and sales tools, chatbots can collect, render, and analyze information that you can then use to build more efficient campaigns. You can also collect internal data about your company and develop a mechanism to address the most common causes of low productivity.



Chatbots have soared in popularity among businesses. They can deliver automated responses to users who contact you through Messenger and are now being used for a wide array of purposes, including customer service and selling.

By 2020, a large percentage of brands will have incorporated AI and VR into their marketing, sales and service so that customers can move themselves down the sales funnel by interacting with the business on their own terms.

In fact, 78% of brands say they have already implemented or are planning to implement artificial intelligence and virtual reality by 2020 to better serve customers. With regards to chatbots, which are in many ways the most recognizable form of AI, 80% of sales and marketing leaders say they already use these in their CX or plan to do so by 2020.


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